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Dear Dr. Joe,

I have been a patient of yours for several years, but most recently suffered a hip injury that caused extensive pain to my shoulder. I was unable to raise my right arm and did not sleep for three nights before visiting your office.

Through extensive therapy and chiropractic adjustments I am pleased to report that I have been playing golf regularly and have suffered no reocurring pain since your treatment.


Stephen P. Cummings

Valued Patient

Dear Dr. Amunategui,

I am writing this letter to thank you for giving me my life back. For thirty one years I have been suffering from lower back pain. I have been to four or five of the best Doctors in Miami to no avail.

Luckily someone over at Hemispheres knew of your work. I had zero luck with Chiropractors over the years and did not hope this time would be different.

Thank God I took this chance to get well. After just three or four treatments not only did the serious pain go away, but so did the chronic that I have been living with for over thirty years.

Today is my sixty-fifth birthday. You gave me the greatest present I will ever receive… life back.

With much appreciation

Robert Tannenbaum

Dear Dr. Joe

I am truly not capable of expressing my gratitude for the miracle that you have performed on me. I have been to three well respected surgeons, 1 of which recommended surgery with no promise of relief from my pain.

Two visits to you have taken me a long way. Today I am walking with no apparent pain.

Twice you have even come to see me during your off time. Once at 1 am and another on the July Holiday.

Thanking you is simply not enough. However from my heart and body…Thank You.

Jerry Carr CEO

Dr. Amunategui

Only on a very rare circumstance would I ever take time from my busy schedule to write a thank you letter, but in this situation, a well deserved thank you is due.

About 2 months ago , while running on a treadmill, I dropped to my knees due to severe pain traveling through my leg. I wrapped the area in a bandage and continued my workout. For the weeks that followed, the pain continued and my usual treadmill walk of 45 minutes was down to barely 15 minutes.

A friend recommended I visit your office. When I arrived you immediately consulted  with me for quite some time.

After my first week of treatment I was able to extend my workout to 30 minutes. Now after 2 months of treatment my workout has gone to an unbelievable hour and a half.

I truly believe you are blessed with the gift to heal.

Joanne Avino.

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