Dr. Joe Amunategui II
Pregnancy is one of the great things on this planet that a person may experience
if the circumstances are maximized. A man’s point of view is of course a much
different experience! The Male version is wonderful in the aspect of “watching”
the new person form and observing the creation take place, as the new human is
formed and readied to be presented to the world. The other aspect from a male
point of view is to see the woman be in the most comfortable condition possible,
with all her needs met, on as many levels that one can possibly contribute.
The Female version of course is a lot different! So many aspects to consider
and too numerous to list, but included are nutrition, rest, exercise, and doctor
care which are at the top of a very long list, of things to consider while
preparing and caring for this new arrival. For that reason, we will focus on
one of the doctors needed and address the portion of the pregnancy that
Chiropractic Care brings to the equation.

Chiropractic care:


During Pregnancy

The nerve and blood flow to a child in the womb is greatly improved through
increased mobility of the spinal vertebral segments. Increase blood and nerve
flow equals healthier, happier baby and healthier, happier mommy! A decrease
in nausea intensity, headaches and a reduction of low back pain and stiffness
are only a few of the major benefits of Chiropractic Care.

During Labor

Because Chiropractic Care has been utilized during the pregnancy, the pelvic bones called
the sacrum and the two ilium’s are not “fixed” or “locked-up”, allowing the expansion of
the pelvic region to work properly. The natural expansion of the pelvic region reduces
labor time to delivery in staggering proportions. Most cases Chiropractic Mom’s
experience a 20 minute labor time, compared to 18 to 72 hour labor times of non-
Chiropractic patients.


After Birth give yourself and Child a Chiropractic Check up.
The effects, frequency and overt damage of birth trauma are perhaps the easiest way to
understand why all children need to be checked for spinal misalignments and cranial
distortions; birth trauma remains underpublicized, therefore, an undertreated problem.
There is a need for baby check-ups as soon as possible after birth; I have checked my
patient’s infants as early as 6 hours old! Colic, ear infections, difficulties in bowel
movements, sensitivity to light and inability to get comfortable for sleep, head swelling,
are all common symptomology that babies have had relieved with Chiropractic Care
restoring proper alignment. Of course it is imperative that the Chiropractor you choose is
properly trained and works on children regularly, just ask. For the postpartum mother,
back pain from the epidurals can last for years if not treated with Chiropractic Care, at
the level of the pubic synphasis (pubic Bone) that also can be separated and keep the hips
in a widened state (a larger gap between legs) causing pain in the front lower pelvic
system while walking, until manually adjust to the proper juxtaposition.
For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Dr. Joe (954) 458-1223 or by
any other means of communication which you are comfortable.